If you’ve been at a job less than one year, don’t put it on your resume. Stay at the same company for at least two years. Don’t switch industries or you’ll never be able to move up.

You might have heard the above statement at some point in your career.

But with changing from one job to another within a period of months is becoming more and more popular, does the statement still apply?

Many employers, however, often see job hoppers as a disadvantage to their company. They think that a person who cannot hold on to a job for a longer period of time will not do the company any good. 

But what is job-hopping?

The term “job hopping” refers to the practice of holding multiple jobs in a relatively short period of time.

For example, if you worked for three different employers over the course of two years, most employers would call you a job hopper.

There are many reasons for someone to job hop, including dissatisfaction with their current position, health issues that interfere with their ability to work or a desire for a career change. For some, job-hopping is inconvenient but necessary. However, others purposefully use job-hopping as a means of finding their dream work situation.

Truth is, holding multiple job titles in a short amount of time can be both beneficial and challenging.

If you are interested in changing jobs and are wondering how it may affect your career, you need to understand both the advantages and disadvantages of job-hopping. This will help you make a better decision.

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