Margaret, an office assistant at one of the companies I worked for many years ago would always surprise me.

When many of us at the office who were earning more than she was ran out of money, we would take ‘food loans’ from her, promising to pay on the next payday.

What surprised me most is when at one point, she mentioned that she and her husband were building a family home and she was still able to feed her family on her salary and the food business she had.

I was working towards becoming rich, but would always end up broke before my next paycheck. Margaret on the other hand always managed to double what she had.


Making money is one thing, but creating wealth that will outlive you is another. We all aspire to be rich. But how can you get rich from just what you have – your salary?

Is it really possible for you to become rich through just your salary? In the competitive world we find ourselves in, how can you become rich from your salary?

This is a controversial topic. The odds are it won’t just happen overnight. However, by following some of the tips I have outlined below, you will be able to use just your salary, to create wealth.

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