2 weeks into his new role, Tom found himself handling project management duties when he had been hired for a content creation role. He did not understand why his supervisor expected him to perform project management duties even though this is not what he had been hired for.

He reached out to me on the verge of quitting.

“Is it possible for me to quit?” He asked.

Are you in a similar situation?

Sometimes, a new job doesn’t turn out as you expected. It can happen, even when you do everything right—research the organization, weigh the pros and cons of the job offer, and make your decision carefully before accepting.

Perhaps the employer was misleading about what the job would entail. Or maybe it’s simply a bad fit between you and the job or company.

Even if you’re ready to leave your job as soon as possible, you should do your best to quit your job in a professional way and avoid burning any bridges.

But the question is, should you quit a job you’ve just started?

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