Sam (not his real name) started out his career with a salary of Ksh. 15,000. He was working as his boss’ personal assistant. The job lasted a month and after that, he found himself jobless. He did some volunteer work for about a year and then got a job earning Ksh. 22,000. The pressure to deliver overwhelmed him and he soon quit when another job offer presented itself. Here, he started at Ksh. 25,000 and slowly grew his salary through the exceptional skills that his boss saw.

Within no time, he got a better opportunity that saw him earn Ksh. 150,000.

When I met him, I wanted to know what he thought made him get this far in his career – salary-wise.

He believes it is because he always sought opportunities to learn and develop his skills.

Are you wondering how you can secure your dream job and earn a salary of Ksh. 100,000 and above?

Watch below for tips on what you can do: