One of the most satisfying feelings around the workplace is getting a promotion. When considering whom to promote, there are several factors that employers look at.

You could be really good at your job, but when a promotion comes about in your organization, you’re passed over time and again.

Have you been working in the same position for years, yet someone with lesser experience gets promoted before you?

Do you give your best at work only to have your efforts go unnoticed?

Have you been the right candidate to receive a promotion yet someone else gets it?

What could be the problem and how can you remedy it? Working in the HR profession has enabled me to interact with a wide selection of colleagues and employers for over 10 years. One aspect that stands out is what employers look for in employees when promoting.

If you want to get promoted, I am here to help you succeed!

These tips will not only further your chance of getting promoted, but they will also make you more efficient at your workplace and in life generally.

Here is what employers look for when promoting.