I keep on applying for jobs that I am qualified for. I have even had my CV worked on by professionals but still, nothing is bearing fruit. How can you help me?”

This is a question I receive from many professionals who are wondering why they are not invited for interviews despite their qualifications.

Have you ever asked yourself how you wound up in the profession you are in? Was it for the money, passion or did you just find it appealing since everyone was doing it? People pick out their professions based on various reasons, and as you may have realized from your time in university, some professions have way more people than others. While some classes were almost empty, others were too small to accommodate the large numbers.

And like in university, the job market has had to suffer saturation and that’s why you will find a lot of people yet to find jobs. They are well qualified, yes, but the opportunities available cannot cater to all. So, are you in a saturated profession in Kenya?

Watch the video below to see if the reason you are not getting the job is that there are way many people to compete with.