A few weeks ago, leading Fintech twin brothers Eddie and Paul Ndichu were in the news for all the wrong reasons.

After that, everything seemed to go downhill and nothing could salvage the situation. They have both stepped down from positions of influence they held to allow for further investigation into the matter.

A few months ago, popular Radio presenter, Shaffie Weru found himself in a similar situation with comments he had made that were deemed inappropriate. He too was let go.

Truth is, as a professional wherever you may be, keep in mind that it takes only one scandal to tarnish your credibility to not just those around you, but the public as well.

It is therefore important for you to ensure you do not get into a situation that could easily cost you your career.

As you go around your daily tasks in your profession, it is important to remember that people are always watching.

Here are a few career lessons you can learn from the Ndichu brothers: