You’ve made it through the process of finding a new job –polishing your CV, performing well at the interview, getting a job offer for a fantastic new role and telling your boss that you’re leaving. Once you’ve handed in your resignation, the hard part is over, right? But then your employer comes back with a counter-offer, designed to tempt you to stay. It’s a popular tactic among employers; up to 50% of candidates who resign will receive a counter-offer. So what should you do? Should you stay? Or should you go?

Deciding whether or not to accept a counteroffer can be difficult and there are many factors to consider.

Many would advise you to decline the counter-offer. According to the stats, up to 80% of those who accept counteroffers end up leaving current employer within 6 months, and 9 out of 10 leave within a year. But it’s not always an easy decision to make, and you have to weigh up what’s right for you, long-term –however persuasive the offer might be.

Here’s my take: