I get asked this question a fair amount by leaders everywhere: “When should I be a leader and when should I be a manager?”

What people often forget to ask at the same time though is… “When should I get out of the way?”

Great leaders empower others to do their best.

A while back, I had an opportunity to walk across a factory with the executive in charge. He walked up to the janitor who was juggling a garbage can.

“This place looks great. Keep up the good work,” he said while smiling at her.

She was beaming as she continued her work. Out of hundreds of employees, he remembered her name.

Do you know the difference between managing and leading a team?

Team leaders, managers, and other people in a position of authority often have to switch between effectively leading and managing. Both qualities have their advantages and suit different situations. As an authority figure within the workplace, you should aim to embody both leadership and management skills and know when to implement each.

But how do you know when to practice being a leader and when to practice being a manager?

Here is how: