Take your interview to new heights — literally.

You may have the ability to perform well under the pressure of an interview and also understand the organization’s history and culture, but do you understand the nuances of your verbal and nonverbal performance that the interviewer uses to assess you?

Whatever your blind spot may be – of which they will hardly and mostly not tell you, allow me to sit with you as we seek to spot them and eliminate them.

Having interviewed more than 1000 senior professionals, I know where the blind spots are.

Remember, even if you’re a skilled interviewer, taking one mock interview for yourself could make a big difference between your current job and getting that offer.

Interview coaching service includes:

  • Mock interview sessions with one-on-one feedback.
  • An in-depth examination of your verbal and nonverbal performance.
  • Advice on how to effectively respond to questions, including “surprise” questions, thinking on your feet, and selling your personal brand.
  • Individualized interview coaching to assist you in selling yourself into a new role or industry field in which you have no prior experience.
  • Additional materials to assist you in improving your interview performance

This is for you if;

  • You need expert assistance for a specific interview or in advance of an expected interview phase of your job search or internal promotion process.
  • You have been out of the job search game for awhile
  • You have no idea or a very fuzzy idea what behavioral & competency-based interviewing is
  • You have an upcoming internal promotion opportunity
  • You are trying to make a career change
  • You have a lot riding on your interviewing performance
  • Your experience is complex
  • You are not clear how to connect the dots between what you offer and the requirements of the job

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I am excited to take this interview preparation journey with you and see you pass your next interview and get that job!